A Baby is a kiss from Heaven blown by the hand of God.
		Having a  baby is one of the most amazing moments in life, one that can never be recreated or replaced.  When each of my four children were born, the experiences were completely different and completely changed me forever.  Most days, I reflect about their births and wish I could go back and relive it all over again.  The sound of my new child entering the world and my life for the first time, the undeniable beautiful newborn smell that you'll never find anywhere, and of course seeing my beautiful baby, the pink rosy cheeks, the  chubby yummy rolls, the precious kissable lips and tiny fingers.  This is the most wonderful and memorable time in life, and it deserves to be captured by timeless images.   
		I am thankful that I have pictures of my children to remember the time when they were so tiny and fragile, so beautiful that only God could have created such a wonder.  Allow me the honor of sharing my passion with your miracle and let's capture this once in a lifetime moment together.
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